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How to allow us to manage your (Meta) Facebook / Instagram Ads

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

How to grant us access to manage your Facebook & Instagram ad campaign.

It's actually fairly simple and easy to get set up, especially once you understand the Facebook (Meta) Business Manager set up.

If you already have your Facebook (Meta) business manager account set up, the quickest way to access your settings is the link below.

Along the left side of the screen you're going to have the following options. Tap on the partners tab to assign a partner to your assets.

The next step is to tap "add" under the partners tab, and select one of the following options "give a partner access to your assets" or "Ask a partner to share their assets".

When working with us, the simplest way is to "give a partner access to your assets". And we will provide you with our business manager ID to input on the next popup.

After you have input the partner ID provided, you will need to select what assets to share with us.

The assets required for us to be able to run effective business manager ads for you will be your Facebook page, Instagram page, ads manager, and your pixel.

After you select each of these assets, you will have to also select the amount of permissions you allow us to have for those accounts. Don't worry, we will only do the tasks that we are hired to do. If you want it to be easy for you, you can select full access and we will take care of the rest.

Pro Tip:

Before you get started with this process, be sure to fully optimize and set up your business manager account.

  1. Pages

  2. Ad Accounts

  3. Instagram Accounts

  4. Pixels

  5. Business Asset Groups (Optional & Recommended)

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